Photograph by:  Ricae Fleck

Photograph by: Ricae Fleck

Photograph by:  Nicki Lynn Photography

Photograph by: Nicki Lynn Photography

I have a huge passion for helping others learn about healthy living! 

I believe that our overall health has way more to do with just our diet and exercise. Your health is impacted by so many factors. The products you consume in, on, and around your body, the relationships in your life, your spirituality and connection to God, the way you use and move your body, sleep, stress, and so many more factors are all impacting your health and well-being. I don't believe in perfection... let’s be real, no one is perfect! But, I do want to help you bring about healthier changes and balance into your daily life so that you can live the life God created you to live.  

As a childbirth educator and doula, I also believe that women deserve to have the most amazing pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period with support from the very beginning. Imagine feeling completely educated and prepared to conceive a child, take care of your body during pregnancy for a healthy mom and baby, and have a joyful birth experience! Imagine being a partner of a pregnant woman and able to assist her in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with physical comforts, relaxation techniques, and emotional support! This is what I sought for myself with my two boys, and I love helping other families achieve the same joyful experience of pregnancy and birth. 

Whether you are needing support with a health goal or looking for support with your pregnancy or birth, I’m here for you!

Let’s do this together, friend!