I set foot in Jen's course a nervous, curious expecting mother, and I left as an empowered, educated Mommy ready to conquer the world. Every woman will remember her experiences from the day she found out about her little blessing to the moment she gives birth. The support system Jen provided for us was incomparable. I could not imagine my experiences without her help. Thank you from our family to yours, Jen!

- Moira

Great Way to Get on the Same Page

My husband and I really enjoyed the Bradley method childbirth class we took with Jen and her husband. They were both so kind and supportive, and we were really empowered to learn all about the process and what was going on with my body during pregnancy and childbirth as well as medical interventions that are commonly used and how and why to avoid them. It was a great way to get my husband on the same page as I was through the research I was obsessed with, and he didn't really care to read! Ha! By the end of the class, we felt very prepared for the birth of our first child and were set on doing it naturally as a team.

- Katherine B.


The value and beauty of the Bradley Method classes with Jen lie beyond whether or not you decide to have or achieve an unmedicated natural birth. The information prepared us for various birth scenarios, and I especially appreciated the Bradley Method exercises that Jen walked us through and helped us to practice. With my second pregnancy, a lot of the information and guidelines are often on my mind, and I hope to achieve, again, what Jen and the Bradley Method are ultimately about: a healthy baby, no matter what happens.

- Mary E.


We loved studying the Bradley Method with Jen. For most people, the idea of your first birth can be a bit scary, mainly due to the unknown. Jen is so knowledgeable and educated our group on what to expect and prepare for when waiting for your child’s BIRTHday. This class eased many of our fears. It was so valuable to understand what our bodies are capable of and that it’s all very natural. The classes with Jen were 100% worth every minute of time and money. 

- Whitney & Andrew M.


My experience with having Jen as our birth class leader was nothing but exceptional!

I am one that likes to know exactly what to expect, what steps I need to take when, and what options I have in certain situations -- and her Bradley Method class fulfilled ALL of those requirements, putting my mind at ease before going into labor with my first child. While I was not initially 100% on board with giving birth without an epidural, after learning everything I did from her class, I decided to give it a go -- and I'm proud to say I gave birth to not only my first, but also my second a year later, completely natural with no medication or outside interventions. I feel like it was only because of going through her class that I was given the facts, and therefore the confidence, to go through that willingly.

She was not only helpful during the class, but also outside of it as well when I had any questions, doubts, or worries. Her guidance and friendship were immensely appreciated and essential in helping me feel as comfortable as possible with giving birth. And my husband also enjoyed the class. Jen's husband, Alan, helped teach the classes, and I know my husband appreciated the masculine humor he brought to the table as well as a man's perspective of what to expect and how to help.

I am SO grateful and SO blessed to have been able to attend her class and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone! Thanks for everything, Jen!

- Laura Albin