Young Living Essential Oils

There is simply no other company I love more than Young Living!! I first bought these tiny bottles of oil in 2013 to help my husband with his seasonal allergy support. After experiencing HUGE relief, among so many other benefits for our family those first few months, we were sold! We now use essential oils for everything, our house is full of healthy products that aren't toxic for us or our little guys, and now have healthy beauty products that I feel good about recommending to every woman I know! If you don't have YLEO in your home, you are simply missing out! Get oily with me! I'll give you personal support every baby step of the way in learning about essential oils and add you to an online support group so you will feel educated about all things healthy living with YL! I also offer local IN-PERSON and ONLINE classes and events! 



Why Young Living?! You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to a product so easily adulterated. Check out Seed To Seal to learn more about why Young Living far surpasses any other essential oil company in the world and is the only brand of oils I choose to diffuse in my home and use on my body! This is also the only brand of essential oils I use with Aroma Freedom Technique.